Archbishop Moeller High School is an Archdiocese of Cincinnati secondary school, sponsored by the Society of Mary (Marianist Order), dedicated to teaching the mission of the Roman Catholic Church. We are a Christ-centered community, focused on faith formation, academic achievement, and growth. We are committed to supporting the diverse needs of our students through a comprehensive range of quality educational, social, artistic, athletic, guidance, and pastoral care programs and services. The Moeller Family community draws its inspiration from Jesus Christ as the source of wisdom and life and from Mary, His mother, as our model of faithfulness. We encourage and empower our young men to live full and faithful lives, to discover and achieve their potential, to be good stewards of the gifts they are given, and to contribute well to the common good of the extended human family. As a Catholic school in the Marianist tradition, Archbishop Moeller High School embraces the "Marianist Charism," a holistic educational approach emphasizing formation of the whole person, characterized by: Educating for faith formation Providing an integral, quality education Educating in the Family Spirit Educating for service, peace, and justice Educating for adaptation and change.